About TSE Research

TSE Research specialise in tourism, visitor attractions and events research, including:

  • Visitor profiling and opinion surveys (online, face-to-face, telephone surveys including quantitative and qualitative research)
  • Tourism & Attractions Segmentation - we use UK Tourism segments to identify visitors and potential visitors based on their tourism preferences and motivations. These are very useful in understanding the visit experience and driving future visits
  • Tourism & Attractions Development - ways of building visitor numbers, satisfaction, recommendation and repeat-visitation
  • Economic Impact Studies - we specialise in economic impact assessments and are licensed to use the industry-leading Cambridge Model (tourism destinations) and Prime (events & visitor attractions)
  • Tourism Campaign evaluation & development using the bespoke Campaign Evaluator and Campaign Developer tools
  • Industry audits & business intelligence gathering
  • Tourism & Attractions Market Context - evaluating strategies for success using analysis of benchmark destinations.  We bring together insights from various sources to deliver a comprehensive view of market position and tourism market opportunities.  

Sectors we specialise in are (UK & international):

  • Tourism Destinations 
  • Visitor Attractions
  • Events 
  • Festivals

Our research team are thoroughly experienced in all aspects of research design, management and reporting.   

We take a partnership and consultancy role rather than simple reporting. We work with clients to understand their market position, strategies and approaches, and to make specific recommendations to achieve objectives in line with business aims. 

Our research processes are audited and accredited by the Market Research Society and our fieldwork is Interviewer Quality Control Scheme (IQCS) assessed.

Key contacts

Paul Jackson heads our team of research professionals. With a track record of over 20 years in tourism research, Paul has managed research projects for:

  • Tourism Destinations in the UK and overseas including VisitBritain, Dubai Tourism, Seychelles Tourism Board, Oman Ministry of Tourism, and other regional and national tourism authorities
  • Visitor Attractions; National Maritime Museum, Dubai Dolphinarium, Disneyland, Natural History Museum, Kew Gardens, ALVA, Tower of London, Tate Modern, Tate Britain, Roman Baths amongst many others
  • Sports Events; International Olympic Committee, Formula One Racing, Chelsea FC, Barcelona FC

Kerry Rayment is our senior fieldwork and qualities manager and has a wealth of experience in the management of all aspects of fieldwork delivery and market research processes in the tourism sector. Our team includes senior tourism figures with a wealth of experience managing tourism destinations at the highest level.  They add a valuable layer of insight to our tourism sector research


If you would like to find out more about how TSE Research can help you and your organisation please contact us on:

Tel: 023 8062 5522

Email: Paul Jackson, pjackson@tourismse.com